Welcome to the home of Vector Structural,

The leaders in concrete testing, subsurface detection and structural strengthening.

Let us help you:

  • To determine the steel reinforcing design of a concrete structure
  • With concrete quality control
  • To increase the loading capacity of a concrete structure
  • Repair and reinforce a concrete slab, column or beam that is deflecting or cracking
  • To core drill or make large openings in a post-tensioned slab.

Vector Structural is a company built to offer a wide range of specialist services to building contractors, building owners and civil/structural engineers who are faced with such difficulties. Using the latest technology and experienced staff we are able to provide simple, effective solutions to these technical issues, making sure that your project runs on time and your building’s service life is maximized.

Company Goals:

  • Provide services covering all aspects of concrete remediation and investigation thus making your projects simpler to manage
  • Provided responsible construction crews who understand concrete structures, thus eliminating the risks of damage to existing structural members whilst core drilling or demolition activities take place
  • Conduct our business in such a way that maximises repeat customers
  • Provide an in-depth knowledge of concrete repair methods and technologies
  • Offer a nationwide service, 24/7.